last update: 20.1.07

Welcome at Kumihimo

Welcome to the website of Juliana L. Raskin-Schmitz.

26 years ago I got aquainted with kumihimo in Cologne (Germany) in the “Museum for East-Asian Arts”. This led to many years of participating in the courses offered annually in Cologne by Sensei Hoko Tokoro.  Recently I have focused on marudai and takadai braiding, and exploring ways to combine kumihimo with European craft techniques.

In Bavaria I studied ”Beautiful Art,” a craft with roots back to the early Middle Ages.  Using the patterned silk braids with this unique craft that combines quilling and gems, I have been creating works that are truly unique and expressive.

For examples of Japanese kumihimo patterns, click on Kumihimo                                     For examples of the Bavarian ”Beautiful Art,” please click on Beautiful Art                   For my work that integrates these two crafts, click on combined

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